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Everyone and anyone is welcome at the following events in the Parlour calendar. Come along and bring a friend! Babies welcome, always :-)

  • Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM through March 04, 2018
    ONCA Gallery in Brighton, , United Kingdom

    Breastfeeding sit in at ONCA Gallery


    We will be hosting a two week breastfeeding sit in beginning Thursday 22nd and running to Sunday 4th March to accompany the exhibition of Holding Time at ONCA GAllery, Brighton. The gallery will be open Monday - Saturday from 10am - 5pm and Sunday from 12-4pm so come along, have a nice sit down and meet some like-minded mothers!

  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 02:00 PM · £4.00 GBP
    ONCA Gallery in Brighton, , United Kingdom

    Breastfeeding in Public: This Discomfort Matters


    'There is a geography to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding in public is about breastfeeding in front of others, and it includes many different spaces, not those most obviously public like park or street benches. It can be private but public spaces such as cafes, restaurants, shopping malls. It can even in your own living room when others are around. More welcoming common and public spaces are needed. Public spaces express many of the values and needs and prevalent uses of the spaces. If we are in spaces of consumption, like urban city centres, the shapes of these spaces favour circulation, movement, ability to access products and services. But breastfeeding requires, sometimes, to be able to sit down, take our time; to feel safe; to have shelter; to be able to accommodate our bodies and the things we carry.' - Lucila Newell, The Parlour 2017

    Lisa Creagh and Lucila Newell look at the barriers to public breastfeeding and asks the question: “How can public spaces be redesigned to incorporate breastfeeding?”

    Mothers, architects, public policy makers and anyone interested in the issue of designing public space to encourage and support breastfeeding are invited to attend this three hour workshop”


    To book tickets please go to Eventbrite here


    Places are £4.00 (concessions available - please email us)

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