Breastfeeding in Public: This Discomfort Matters


Lisa Creagh and Lucila Newell look at the cultural barriers to public breastfeeding and asks the question: “What role can art, the medical profession and and architecture play in overcoming cultural barriers to breastfeeding?”

Artist, Mothers, Health Professionals, architects and public policy makers interested in the issue of encouraging and supporting breastfeeding are invited to attend this workshop. Lunch will be included.


We will kickstart the session with an informal discussion of the issues around breastfeeding in public.

 Introductory conversation between Lisa Creagh and Lucila Newell

-     What are the ideas behind the Holding Time Project?

-     How the Parlour came about - it's aims and objectives.


-     Have you breastfed in public? If so, how did it feel?

-     If you are a professional, what are your experiences of supporting women through the journey to publicly breastfeeding?

(Break for lunch)


Summary of the morning. New discussion:

-     If we would think/dream aloud: What would our ideal places/spaces for breastfeeding look like? How could we make the city more breastfeeding friendly?

Short presentation


Conclusion: what have we learned?


June 06, 2018 at 11am - 3pm
Royal Brompton Hospital
14 St George's Pl
Brighton, BN1 4GB
United Kingdom
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